At Ahvaan, we make teaching more effective, and learning more fun.
We develop new and experienced educators to help them incorporate more creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, and fun into their activities. Our overarching objective is to help educators understand how best to teach, while building their confidence, and empowering their approach.
Effective teachers create a love for learning.
Learning occurs in a caring and encouraging environment. Every student is important to our teachers. That motivates the students to do their best and realize their true potential.
Our Work
At Ahvaan Trust we work closely with primary school teachers to help them strengthen their teaching practices, build their confidence, and equip them to become facilitators and mentors.
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Our People
We are a group of like-minded individuals who have been closely involved with education in India for many years. Teachers, advisors and reformers form the backbone of Ahvaan Trust, and it is this leadership that steers us forward.
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The Process
We are a not-for-profit organisation, and a lot of our work is possible owing to well-wishers like you. We are constantly looking for funds to help us further our efforts, in transforming traditional classrooms and libraries, improving teaching practices, and  developing resource centres for teachers, working with underprivileged children.   We need your support. Please donate any amount, however small, because every little bit counts.
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We Are
Ahvaan is a Platinum certified NGO by GuideStar India. GuideStar India certifies NGOs based on their level of transparency & public accountability after a rigorous due diligence carried out by their team of certification experts.
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