Continuous Professional

At the Heart of Education is a Teacher and a Learner 

Sir Ken Robinson

Ahvaan believes that the teacher is at the heart of the education system. Effective teaching & learning greatly depends on how well teachers are nurtured, enabled and supported. We endeavour not only to enhance teachers’ capacities, but also their sense of self-worth and motivation, thereby restoring the role of the teaching community as facilitators, guides and mentors.

As educators we know that the Curriculum comes alive when effective and continuous professional development (CPD) for teachers and school leaders is an integral part of the education ecosystem.

Working with SCERT’s, DIET’s and Departments of Education across States we develop appropriate plans for the capacity building of educators.

We understand that the student of today is an active participant in the learning process, with teachers creating meaningful, interactive learning experiences and becoming partners in the child’s learning journey. Creating engaging classrooms to facilitate learning is the key role of every teacher.

Ahvaan enables the teachers to build their skillsaround facilitation and collaboration, working with colleagues, students, parents and communities to develop and sustain a positive school climate that supports students’ learning.

Continuous Professional Development

This Continuous Professional Development covers the development of effective teaching strategies for the critical years of Foundational Learning; an immersion in the best pedagogic practices and an understanding of Assessment for Learning.

Ahvaan supports the creation of colourful visible learning spaces with a print rich environment which encourages active learning where teachers use a variety of teaching-learning strategies to meet individual learning needs.

Coaching and Mentoring

Teachers are supported through continuous Coaching & Mentoring which enables them to build confidence in their own abilities and extend, enrich their own teaching practice. Ahvaan’s Coaching & Mentoring model through our Neev programme in select schools in Delhi & Tripura includes: the baseline assessment of teachers; conducting observations with rubrics which is followed by a constructive Post Observation Feedback session with the teacher. Coaches conduct demonstration classes and close with an End line Assessment at the end of the academic session.

CPD in Delhi CPD in Tripura