DIGITAL Learning

As schools remained closed for almost 2 academic sessions, Ahvaan responded with a “Lockdown Ki Pathshala” to bridge the possible learning losses, particularly in the Foundational Years.

Our “Lockdown ki Pathshala” was created by our educators, using critical learning experiences around the curriculum and developing videos for our Facebook page.

Story telling

Through our WhatsApp Teacher Support Groups – named “Happy Teachers” we curated videos, audio notes, and online worksheets to help teachers’ support our children during the pandemic.

Future Adaptation & Integration of

Technology for Teaching & Learning

The platform would have a provision for parent-teacher engagement & the creation of online communities

Develop, Digitize and Virtualize a Comprehensive 5 year Foundational Level Curriculum (3-8 years) as per NEP mandate and NCERT guidelines.

Strengthening capacities of Foundational Level teachers of on effectively imparting online or blended form of teaching/instruction

Curriculum & Training available on an open platform (ex. DIKSHA), mass media or app., i.e., open educational resources.

Structured pedagogies focusing on learning through play, activity, experience and expression.



As schools remain closed there is an urgent need to reach children and parents of the Foundational Years through Mass media. The Government of Tripura has commissioned their Edusat Channel and the initiative – Vande Tripura has been launched.

Ahvaan is partnering with Vande Tripura to create collaborative video content delivery for the Foundational Years. These 40 minute programs will be aired 3 days a week, with special re runs and focused programs for parents over the week ends.

Digital content would reach areas where the current curriculum cannot reach

Parents who are the primary care givers in this age group would benefit from this content

The Government would be able to continue the learning for children

সবাই মিলে পড়, খুব মজা কর।

The video scripts would be based on the current Ahvaan curriculum. Aspects of learning will be presented through direct teacher interactions, use of music, stock animated video clips, storytelling, finger puppets and animation!