‘Capacity Building of

Pre-Primary Educators’ Project


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120+ blended training hours (face-to-face + online)​


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Lesson Plans​


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The Tripura Government has signed a 2-year MoU, and Ahvaan is currently partnering with the Directorate of Elementary Education, Government of Tripura and the SCERT, Tripura in implementing this project - targeting 100 schools impacting 300 teachers and 9000+ students. and 18000+ parents.

Over 5 years (2021-2025) the project will co-create, implement and transfer a progressive Foundational (3+ to 7+ age) Learning Mission for the Government Schools of Tripura. Thereafter, it will maintain a strategic, advisory role with the Nodal Department on all matters of review and update on Foundational Learning.


We conducted a 360-degree Situational Assessment which informed the design of contextual content, delivery, assessment tools and training for improving the learning levels of stakeholders.

Ahvaan strengthened the Institutional Framework by setting up a Foundational Learning Cell within the Nodal Department.

Ahvaan developed a contextual, experiential, activity and play based NCERT aligned and SCERT Tripura endorsed, integrated Foundational Learning curriculum, viz., Weekly/Daily Lesson plans, Workbooks, Teacher/Parent manuals, and assessment guidelines for ages 3+ to 7+ years

Simultaneous Development and Roll Out of Teacher/Specialist Cadre Preparation: systematic and blended (online and offline) preparation of teachers and all relevant state functionaries -64 Specialist Cadre

Dynamic, Continuous and Statewide Pre-service and In-service blended preparation programs: 4500 educators 64 specialist cadre, 900 Principals

Regular MIS reporting - Assessment of Teaching - Learning - Infrastructure, Stakeholder Competencies and Progress on Learning Outcomes: 900 schools, 4500 educators and 1.13 lakh children



As schools remain closed there is an urgent need to reach children and parents of the Foundational Years through Mass media. The Government of Tripura has commissioned their Edusat Channel and the initiative – Vande Tripura has been launched.

Ahvaan is partnering with Vande Tripura to create collaborative video content delivery for the Foundational Years. These 40-minute programs will be aired 3 days a week, with special re-runs and focused programs for parents over the weekends.

Digital content would reach areas where the current curriculum cannot reach

The Government would be able to continue the learning for children

Parents who are the primary care givers in this age group would benefit from this content

সবাই মিলে পড়, খুব মজা কর।

The video scripts would be based on the current Ahvaan curriculum. Aspects of learning will be presented through direct teacher interactions, use of music, stock animated video clips, storytelling, finger puppets and animation!

In the midst of the pandemic, Ahvaan's work continued at full strength. In the past year, Ahvaan has conducted a series of online training sessions for educators, academic leaders & master trainers. Click on the button below for more information.