Parent Engagement

Ahvaan believes that our children’s education is a partnership between parents, teachers and children. Our strategies for parental engagement builds parents’ understanding around how children learn in the early years and how parental involvement and support deepens their learning.

We work with the Departments of Education in holding parent orientations, parent workshops, guiding educators on effective communication and feedback with parents and creating Parent Handbooks that support this engagement for every year group.

Ahvaan Develops, Nurtures and Belongs -

to a Community of Practice

We have developed and nurtured a strong community of practice by working in classrooms, creating curricula, coaching & mentoring - and working across the entire Foundational Years ecosystem of government schools in the states we operate in. Engaging School Leaders, Teachers, Parents, and Students, and setting up consistent and credible feedback mechanisms with all stakeholders.

This Community of Practice has developed and will continue to do so in different government school contexts. Ahvaan will consciously strive to link different areas of the Foundational Years ecosystem - curriculum, coaching, research, and advocacy, to create collaborative solutions, programmes and platforms.

This is the expansive vision of our Community of Practice, demonstrating possibilities of scale and replication.