Ahvaan in Action

SKV Pullbangarsh storytelling session

Workshop with teachers, coordination activity blindfolded

Workshop 2017 - teachers activity play-based learning

Christmas Day celebration at Ahvaan Office

DIET Workshop

Free play, creative activity, in Gulabi Bagh school by Ahvaan representative

DIET Workshop, Ahvaan representative training teachers, in 2019

Orientation of Heads of School, Tripura project schools

Ahvaan teachers' workshop: brainstorming activities with school teachers, at Ambedkar University

Ambedkar Uni, Sakhsee conducting a language workshop

Discussion regarding curriculum planning in Pratap Nagar school Foundational Years SKV

Pratap Nagar School, Workshop of Numbers and Numeracy, play-based learning

Ambedkar University, Chinese whisper Game language workshop

2017 - group activity, teachers walking in a circle and reciting a rhyme

Ambedkar Uni, Pre-primary education workshop

Chain game, another example of Ahvaan playful learning. Imp of pre-primary education and its implementation

Blindfold activity, DIET Workshop, coordination with a rope.

Dussehra activity, Kids drew Ravana

Team Ahvaan promoting green values and planting trees inside and outside the office.

Energizer by Ahvaan representative

Group activity, thumbprint

NGO alliance partners offsite event in Tripura

Online visual workshop with Master trainers

Discussion on the importance of ECC. early childhood care and education

Ahvaan team with Tripura officers/ senior faculty

Domains of development Tripura workshop

Workshop with Tripura teachers on pre-primary education

Trust-building group activity, play-based learning

Ahvaan representatives in a workshop in tripura

Workshop with Tripura teachers

Ambedkar University, physical development workshop, basic activities to do with kids

Teachers discussing the importance of foundational education

Our Advisor Mrs Anjali overseeing and guiding activity in a school

Team Ahvaan awarded Guide Star certification and trophy

Students racing in a school.

Students recognizing phonic songs with their letter

Virtual Focal Group Discussion with core group members Tripura project

roleplay training by ahvaan rep

School pre-primary in charge using numbers and numeracy for play-based learning

Ritupharna Ghosh giving a workshop on using your body for storytelling

Celebrating Lalita’s 5 years at Ahvaan

SKV Gulabi Bagh, Storytelling session

Learning game hopscotch

Identifying different books to use for future activities

Dussehra celebration, students making Ravana

Origami activity, making different animals

Freeplay activity, using different blocks for building

Delhi Master Trainers Session Aug 2021

Delhi Resource Persons Training

Ahvaan Team addressing conversation time

Discussion on challenges of Learners

Tripura Resource Persons sharing a story

Ahvaan Team speaking about Coaching and Mentoring

Developing Cognitive Skills